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How much  is a treatment?

My offered services and rates as well as package prices are all listed here.

How long is a session?

Initial intake and treatment appointments last up to 90 minutes. Return acupuncture visits are up to 60 minutes long.

What do I need to prepare for acupuncture?

Not much!

1. Wear loose clothing

2. Please do not brush or scrape your tongue before your acupuncture appointment

3. Eat some food at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment - but maybe not foods or drinks that will color your tongue coating

Does acupuncture hurt?

No! Acupuncture

Do acupuncture and herbs work?

Yes. The short answer is yes, but Chinese medicine is a cumulative process, it takes patience and consistency. The long answer about how acupuncture works and what acupuncture can help with can be found here.

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Can I itch my nose?

It may not be a question you thought to ask, but you will! I have lost count of the number of patients who ask me, "My nose itches, why does it always happen when all the needles are in?" and following that question, "Can I itch it?"

Yes! Yes, it is perfectly safe to move a little bit with the needles in, especially to get comfortable on the table or itch your nose.

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